Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rest day. Use today to make up a workout that you missed from the previous 3-day cycle or work on a skill or weakness.

Just Keep Swimming!

–by Coach Amber Peck…..

“The greatest adaptation of Crossfit happens between the ears.” ~Greg Glassman

As we grow as athletes in the Crossfit community we begin to discover the foundation on which Coach Glassman has built his legacy.  We hear about the 10 physical skills of Crossfit training: Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.  We learn that in order to be a well rounded athlete we must train and develop each of these areas, and for most of us, these skills do not come naturally.  We train hard to become better, to let ourselves grow in each individual area.  These 10 physical skills can also become mental skills.  We can learn to develop mental endurance, mental stamina, mental strength, mental power, etc.?  We can build these attributes and let them power us when our body starts to fail.

We learn about the ‘Theoretical Development of an Athlete’.  We learn that the base of our athletic ability is nutrition.  We develop metabolic conditioning, then gymnastics, then comes weightlifting and throwing, and then we take all that we have learned and we kick the crap out of the sports we love!  Should our performance at any of these suffer, we go back to the basics: nutrition!  Wouldn’t it make sense then, that the same could be true of the way we talk to ourselves?  Our thoughts and words DO become our actions, actions become habit, habits become our character, and our character ultimately develops our destiny.  Should our destiny not be what we were striving for, we must return to our thoughts and words.

There are three basic things that we can note about the power of our thoughts. 1) What we focus our attention on will increase in our lives. 2) Our thoughts and words will be the primary factor in focusing our attention. 3) We can learn to use our thoughts and words to create goals.

Crossfit Regionals 2012:  We find ourselves quietly rooting for a man needing to beat 5 people in order to make it to his goal: The Crossfit Games!  The workout starts, he is behind.  He fights for every rep, desiring with every piece of him to just go a little faster, to push just a little bit harder, to do the impossible!  Imagine what kind of conversation Chris Spealler was having with himself as he headed down that final stretch, seeing that he was behind.  Because of this man’s mental fortitude, he is now headed to his 6th Crossfit Games Competition!

What words are you saying to yourself?  The beauty of Crossfit is that correcting bad repetitions is something we are good at!  If you have a bad repetition, you make absolutely sure that the next one is correct! It’s the same thing with correcting your personal self-talk!  Correct your bad reps.  Make it a point to tell yourself: “I’m strong.”  “I’m smart.”  “I’m fast.”  “I CAN do this!”  Validation must FIRST come from within!  Develop a personal mantra and use it to power yourself through life! “I can.” “I will.” “One at a time.” Or a couple of my favorites: “Don’t stop, get it, get it!” and “Just keep swimming!” Find what works for you and USE IT! Crossfit is hard enough physically, don’t make it even more difficult mentally!

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  1. 3 rounds for time today. Shuttle run for 90 seconds 10yards,20,30,40,50. When you complete 50, start over @10.

    , then rest for 90 seconds than rope climb 16ft. for reps. In 90 seconds. 10 yards is 1 rep. Rope climb is 1 rep. I had 64 reps. In 94degree 100% humidity. Fun stuff.

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