Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Want a heavier deadlift?  How about better squat technique?  CrossFit Agoge in Montrose will be hosting a Powerlifting Seminar on April 13 from 9:30am-5:30pm.

Powerlifting techniques will be taught by Super Training Gym owner Mark Bell (1080 squat, 854 bench and 766 deadlift) and Jesse Burdick (squat 903 and deadlift 815), owner of

This is a hands on seminar. Be ready to “lift first and ask questions later”. You will learn the following techniques to make you a better and stronger athlete:

~How to squat, bench and deadlift

~How to fix a weakness

~How to become more powerful and explosive

~How to cue athletes properly

~How to program for yourself and your athletes

The cost of the seminar is $375 and you can register here. Be sure to choose the Montrose seminar before you check out.  When you register please enter the discount code “super” for $50 off!   This is sure to be a great learning experience for everyone! If you have questions please let Amber know.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 20, 2013”

  1. I laid it on preeeeety thick yesterday, thanks for promoting this awesome event so close to home!

  2. I registered today. So I will be driving down and would gladly provide transportation for anyone else that decides to go.

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