Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Swain fellas catching a noon workout during Spring Break.

If you’d like to perform WOD #1 (again) from the CrossFit Open, today is the day!

Also, CrossFit Red will be hosting a low-key gathering on Saturday (3/26) at 11am for any last-chance workouts to be done before the Sunday deadline. Even if you have done this workout as many times as you’d like prior to Saturday, let’s swing by CF Red and hang with our CrossFit neighbors!!

If you are not interested in doing the Snatch/DU workout again, here ya go…..


Five rounds of:
5 Dumbbell deadlifts
5 Dumbbell hang cleans
5 Dumbbell push presses
5 Dumbbell squats

Increase the load each round. Rest as necessary between rounds. Score is load per round (example: 50-70-90-90-100)

One thought on “Wednesday, March 23, 2011”

  1. Great job Team Crossfit Junction! Everyone brought their “A” game tonight, tremendous effort.

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