Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Warm Up #1
Pos-2 Squat Snatch
D-WOD: No, it’s not a typo…..
3 Rounds (NFT)
20 Alternating Pistols
6 Alternating BB TGU’s
*Record load for TGU’s and total HSPU reps
*Rest 60sec between each movement
Overhead Rib Mob (2 min each)
Yep, that’s me pimpin’ the SouthWest FireBreather Competition again.
Did you know it’s this weekend? ¬†Right in our backyard (aka Stocker Stadium).
The athletes competing will surely inspire you to raise your game. We have some great talent from around the region going head-to-head and it’s gonna be BA.
The competition will run both Saturday and Sunday from 9a-5p so you’ll have pleeeenty of time to catch the action.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 17, 2012”

  1. S-WOD: Took a lot of reps to get my hips to loosen up after the sprints yesterday. As a result I ran out of time after my set at 155lbs. So I guess my 4 sets were 95-115-135-155.

    D-WOD: 42 HSPU’s/55lbs TGU’s/Pistols with heel on edge of rubber floor mat. Noticeable improvements from last week in all 3 of the movements.

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