Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ATTENTION: CFJ will be closed this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (10/20-10/22). We (a co-ed team of 12) are running the Ragnar Relay from Lake Mead to Las Vegas… 200 miles!

Regular schedule will resume Monday, Oct. 24.


2011 Master’s Championships Workout #3
5 rounds for time of:
5 deadlifts (225#/155#)
10 kettlebell thrusters total (53#/35#)
150 meter run

The barbell starts on the ground and finishes grasped in the hands at mid thigh, with the knees and hips extended.  The shoulders must be behind the barbell when viewed from the side.  THE BARBELL CANNOT BE DROPPED! If the barbell is dropped, that rep will not count.  The barbell cannot be bounced.  The arms must stay extended as the barbell is lowered to the ground for the rep to count.

Jodi DL start Jodi DL finish

Kettlebell Thruster
The movement starts with the athlete standing and the kettlebell in the racked position.  The rack position is achieved when one hand is on the handle of the kettlebell and the other hand is pressing the bell of the kettlebell into the shoulder.  Both hands must be on the kettlebell before the squat can be started.  (See the photo below.)  The athlete squats down with the kettlebell in the rack position.  The hip crease must be below the top of the patella for the rep to count.  The finish of the kettlebell thruster is achieved when the athlete is standing with the kettlebell locked out overhead.  The knees, hips, shoulder and elbows must be in extension, with the hand over the base of the foot.

GS 4 GS 2 GS 1 GS 3

You may switch hands as often as you wish.

You may not drop the kettlebell from any height.  Your hand must be on the kettlebell handle when the kettlebell is lowered to the ground. This past weekend these same rules were enforced. The first infraction resulted in a 20 rep penalty, to be done on the spot.  The second infraction resulted in a DQ from the event.

Thom and his judge (just after the workout you’re doing today) showing mutual respect for being held to a very strict movement standard. In an event like this, the judges don’t cut you any slack on range of motion. Thom did his judge a great favor by executing each rep beautifully so it never became an issue.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 19, 2011”

  1. For everyone that is already begining to have Crossfit withdrawls at the idea of the gym being closed for several days…….crisis averted!

    Thom and I will be hosting an evening W.O.D. both Thursday and Friday at 5:30 p.m. Additionally, we we also be hosting a 10:00 a.m. W.O.D. this coming Saturday. These workouts are open to ANY Crossfit Junction member and will incorporate movements you are already accustomed to doing.

    My address is 639 Big Stone Lane in the Redlands. Take Broadway travelling West from town out past the Safeway, continue on Broadway past 20 1/2 Road, make a right at the next street which is Big Stone Lane, drive to the end of the street (stop before you hit my house) and you are there! Should prove to be fun, Thom and I hope to see you at 5:30 tomorrow!

  2. Want to wish the brave souls of our relay team good luck in Nevada over the next couple of days. I think each of you should get a “Purple Heart” for signing up!

  3. Thanks Chad & Thom for opening up the option for getting a few WOD’s in this week. Brandon & I will try to make it to the 5:30 class on Thursday afternoon. Can’t make it Friday or Saturday since he has band rehersal & departing for Denver for State competition on Monday!

    Best of luck to our relay team!! I know the honey badgers will prove us proud yet again!

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