Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10min Coach Choice

5/75%, 3/85%, 1+/95%

1/2 Cindy – 10min AMRAP
5-Pull Up
10-Push Up
*Comp do C2B Pull Ups

Overhead Tissue Smash (2min each)

Batman bobbin’….. 1 year ago…..

12 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 31, 2012”

  1. No bobbin’ this year! Batman doesn’t have any front teeth! :)

    Great class this morning! Happy Halloween everyone!!

    CrossFit Kiddos—–There IS class tonight! We’ll be playing lots of fun games! Feel free to wear your costumes and join us if you can :)

  2. S-WOD: 135, 155, 185(2) Not my best numbers, but definately the heaviest since my shoulder injury this summer.
    D-WOD: 8+2 (Comp)

  3. S-WOD 125, 145, 160×6. Tried 195 twice because I was feelin’ it and missed, but im right there says Amy.

    D-WOD 8+6 My pull-ups suck. Tried to catch you Nick!

    Im in for 6 am.

  4. I am in too! Ready for the Par-tay! Although not so sure how lively I will be going this early two days in a row.

  5. SWOD 45, 50, 55×6 (I think it was 6, maybe 5) Felt like I could have done 60#
    DWOD 6+23 (Red/Blue band then had to eventually add the small purple)

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