Workout @ 1pm, Nutrition Talk @ 2pm

Today’s free workout is at 1pm.

Come on out!! As always, everyone is welcome.

Upon the conclusion of the workout (around 2pm-ish) we will hold a nutritional meeting regarding our Paleo Challenge that kicks off on Monday.

If you haven’t had your photos and measurements taken yet, today is the day.

Also, if you know you will not make it to workout on Monday, 10/18, you can do your benchmark workout today.

3 thoughts on “Workout @ 1pm, Nutrition Talk @ 2pm”

  1. Fun workout; good recap on the nutrition element. My arms will be bigger than Calvin’s by at least one centimeter 5 weeks from now! I’ve got you in the crosshairs Thom.

  2. Chad,
    better get a better quality scope bro. you will be hard pressed to get huge like me! LOL

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